Control DMX lamp with slide potentiometers

Hello everyone,

I'm an absolute beginner and I'm stuck with this project. It would be great if you can help me!

I want to control the red, green and blue led's of my dmx lamp with three respective slide potentiometers. This is what I use:

Arduino Uno
DFRobot DMX Shield, CTC-DRA-10-R2 (manual)
Slide Potentiometers (conrad details)
Lixada DMX 512 8 Channel lamp (amazon details)
and of course jumper cables and a breadboard.

I've managed to control one led on the arduino with my sliders while the shield is attached but I don't know how to control the led's of my lamp. The shield manual refers to the conceptinetics dmx library but I'm not sure if my arduino needs to be the slave or master and I can't find more methods of this library.

There are three pins for each dmx input and output. The cable between my shield and lamp is plugged into the lamp's "DMX IN" and "X1" on my shield.

I've already searched a lot and tried a few things but I'm stuck and confused at this point. How do I simply turn the lamp on with arduino code only?

What have you tried for code? Does the conceptinetics library come with example code? I use Mats Hertels DMXSerial library and it comes with a few examples.

Your arduino wants to be the master if it wants to control the lights. If you want to make a light that wants to be controlled by a controller (a master...) then your arduino want to be a slave.

So we don't have your code, or the way you hooked it all together, so that's all I can tell you for now.