Control Electrical devices through computer parallel port

Hey Guys, i am new to this site need some help, i am working on a project, my friend suggested me this site, basically i want to control electrical devices through computer parallel port. I am designing my own circuit, but my friend suggested to use this site. Can any 1 tell me which devices should i use in this project for interfacing ( parallel port to device connection)

@Richard Crowley hey thanks for concerning, as this is my start of project, so i am not handling heavy electrical devices, such as Tube lights, fan, computer, stuff like that... i am developing software in C# and designing my own circuit. upto some extent i am succeeded, but my friend said me for better quality consult this site; i had visited this site, but i am not able to find my desired circuit;

tell me what type of information you want to knw regarding this ??

Hi, "Many" years ago I did a lot with parallel port, school workshops, robots etc.

My old stuff is here: But most of that is in DOS :-)

But any old $10 computer can run DOS and some software.

The best book on this is Jan Axelson's PARALLEL PORT COMPLETE which you will find on the torrents but probably NOT in the bookstore..

I'll look around for it....

Regards, Terry King ..On the Red Sea at

Sure it's possible, but why?

@terry king thanks for considration, but with due respect my problem is not port programming, my prblem is interfacing the device(Fan) with port;

Sorry :~

First connect an LED in series with 100 ohm resistor to an output bit pin and make sure you can turn it on and off.

Next connect that same 100 ohm resistor to the Base of an NPN transistor, rated for the fan current. Connect the Emitter to ground.

Connect the collector to the - side of the fan, the + side of the fan to the needed supply voltage, such as 12 volts.

Turn the bit on and off again....

OR use a power FET transistor that has "Logic Gate" levels (meaning that +5 volts from the parallel port will turn it on strongly.

Regards, Terry King ..On the Red Sea at

Thanks terry; i will surely test it :)

given that - this is an arduino forum - it already talks over USB - parallel ports are disappearing fast - they don't have reliable logic levels

why oh why do you want to do this?!? :)

mmcp42: ... why oh why do you want to do this?!? :)

Given that this WOULD be better in GENERAL ELECTRONICS...

Generally I feel that everything I learned BEFORE Arduino may someday apply here, and everything I learn THROUGH Arduino may apply in the future,, I'm pretty permissive about people asking questions.

I sure asked a lot in my first 10 or 20 years... and I got answers and help from some wonderful people... Like old Alfred Carlton Gilbert (A.C. Gilbert)... Like Willy Ley ... ... and I didn't even know why or how people like that would go out of their way for a dumb kid.

So I'm always up for questions.