Control ESP8266 and RFID

Hello there, I'm wondering if i can control ESP8266-01 and RFID(both) with arduino uno. I want to do something like control system with arduino uno, LCD 16x2, RFID and ESP8266-01. I made 2 different projects and everything works just perfect: 1. LCD with RDIF to check ID and wrote on LCD display like welcome Krasimir for example; 2. ESP8266 for send an email. When i make first project i use Tools->Board->Arduino/Genuino Uno (in Arduni IDE). When i make second project i use Tools->Board->Generic ESP8266 Module. Now i want to make final project like when you check your ID card, the admin receive email with information who are you. The problem is I don't know which one Board I have to use. Can you help me? I am wondering if this is possible at all... Thanks in advance.

you're really having a messy wiring i can see

you are using mifare RC522 ?

tell you what,

use wemos board D1 mini , as it has sufficient pins

get rid of obsolete LCD 16x2 and go for OLED based ones like 1.3" I2C SSD1306 or SH1106, as they're less power hungry + fewer wires, there are bunch of tutorials for that you can find on Google

get PN532 NFC/RFID module, most have I2C interface, sharing the same bus with OLED display above, making your toy a lot more neater and tidier in wiring

Hello KASSIMSAMJI, Yes i am using RC522 and LCD 16x2. I am making diplom work for university. I am trying to do this: but with ESP8266 - Is it possible at all because i get error with RFID library when i am using ESP8266: "error: 'rfid' does not name a type". Is there a chance to control ESP8266 adn RFID at the same time with arduino board? Because when i use RFID library in Arduino IDE i choose Tools->Board->Arduino/Genuino Uno, when i switch to ESP - Tools->Board->Generic ESP8266 Module.