Control film scanner using Arduino plug-in tool and DigiCam Control

I am a novice to Arduino, but I believe it may be the answer to my problem. I would very much appreciate any advice

I have old film/motion picture scanner that is operated by a PLC (control panel) with an rs232 serial port for remote control via a PC.

The scanner was made by a company that went bust 20 years ago (Quantel)

I want to use the Arduino Serial function, a plug-in tool in DigiCam software: after taking a picture of a a celluloid film frame with a Nikon, I would like the software / plugin tool to shuttle the film forward so that the Nikon can take a picture of the next frame, and so on. ..

An 2 eight line ribbons from a key pad goes into the PLC. One can press the key buttons to move the film back and forward.

Could I do this by purchasing an Arduino board that would send command signals to the scanner via the ribbon cable? In other words a sort of substitute keyboard that is automated.

Thank you for your time in considering my problem.

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Do you have a datasheet for the RS232 commands?

If not, I don't see the point of doing this.


I want to use the Arduino Serial function, a plug-in tool in DigiCam software:

What do you mean by "a plug-in tool in DigiCam software"?

Is that a program that is running on your PC?

I can't figure out from your Original Post what role you envisage for the Arduino.


The Digi Cam controls a program on the pc with a tolls section one is communicate with Arduino via serial port.

All I have regarding info on the scanner control panel plc is

Commands are transmitted serially on the pcb from the MAX233 chip to the L9822E driver chip.
The L9822E drives the transport , lamps, relays and solenoids via the 25 way D type on the
backplate - no serial data leaves the pcb

The solenoids / relays etc will (probably) have a common psu voltage rail and are operated via pull
downs from the L9822E panel driver.

25 way pcb:

1,2,3,4, 23 are control panel output pulldowns ( there could be another 3 )

21 ground / 0 Volts
22 / 25 VCC +5 Volts

I am still not getting a clear picture of what was the original setup [very important] and what role the Arduino will be playing [very important].


@8176Patrick, I don't mean to sound negative but I just can't make sense of anything in Reply #3.

May I suggest that you read-back what you write and ask yourself if it would be meaningful for someone who knows nothing about the equipment you have or the task you want to accomplish.


Sorry, I had to abandon this thread in a rush this afternoon.

DigiCam Control is software that lets you control a digital camera from your PC. It has a tools section, for example, for taking exposures and moving the camera between each shot.

Under the tools menu there is a function Arduino Serial which has a buttons menu, and send/receive commands through a com port.

I would like to send commands not to an Arduino, but to the transport mechanism of a old motion picture scanner, through rs232 ports (D25).

However, the DigiCam function says Arduino serial. So I am wondering whether I can send commands to the Arduino which will in turn send out keyboard commands, by rs232, to the scanner?

Sorry this is so complicated!

Thank you. That is a lot clearer.

Can you post a link to the documentation for the DigiCam software where it explains the Arduino Serial interface.


Here's link:

I see this in your link

It is possible two way communication, the application can send and receive commands from device. The commands can be standard “window command” or there a special interface were can be defined 16 custom action which can be assigned to a button.

but I don’t see where it lists the standard commands that it can understand and I don’t see where it explains how you define custom actions or what a custom action can do.