Control Home Devices using mobile application over internet

Hi there,

I want to start a new project with arduino uno as following:

1- Arduino Unit:
Arduino UNO or MEGA + wifi interface + 16 relays as outputs

that automatically connects to local wifi network(by providing SSID + password )
then it sends login info to a web page asking for permission, and logged in the arduino sends the status of the 16 outputs to the web site and waits for the commands from the same web page.

2-Web Site Service
the web page is in middle between arduino and user android application

3-Android application:
that connects to the web page with user and pass
and can receive data from the web page db and pass the commands to the web page db < then to arduino

My question is:
is it possible to do that?
should i go on?
what info i need to know before i start?

I can do the android app and web page my self
also the wiring of the arduino

Have you looked at blynk?

WHAT IS blynk?