Control laser with arduino

Hello guys,

I have a project at my university. I want to control a laser with arduino uno. Specifically, i want to control the force of the laser and i want to run and stop the laser. I checked the wiring diagram and it says that i have to send 1 to 10 volt at 14 pin for force control. Also, i have to send a square pulse signal (5 usec duration) at pin 9 and 10 with 8 - 15 volt amplitude for run and stop.

So i created a Digital to analog converter to obtain analog values and an non inverting op amp with gain 2 to reach 10 volt. This circuit is for force control. For run and stop, i send a digital high output pulse from arduino to an non inverting op amp with gain 2 to reach 10 volt amplitude. I connected these circuits to the corresponding pins of the laser but nothing happened.

What should i do? Thank you in advance.

So that I don't have to down load the image: |316x500

hah! This is one case where it is better to download the image and zoom in that the normal embedded image method.

Do you have a link to your laser hardware?

I do not have any information about the laser.

You haven't provided a diagram of your circuit - that's needed to know what you've done. And precisely which laser signals and grounds you've connected it to.