control lcd

how to control to lcd? i have in lcd 3 current i want to change or turn off one from lcd??

You will need to explain:

  • exactly which LCD (link to datasheet is ideal, part number is better than nothing)

  • what you want to achieve in detail

  • which Arduino you have

And optionally:

  • what you've tried already

  • supply any code you've got and explain what its trying to do and what is failing.

My project is:
1- I have 3 devices (refrigerator, washing machine and a television) I need to take a current for each device and connect it to the Arduino (done that by the ct sensor and connected them , and I want to display on the LCD how much of current I consume from the maximum to the minimum)
2- I have 2 sources of electricity connected to the arduino : governmental and the generator (but I don’t know how to connect them).I need when the governmental electricity goes off the higher 2 currents shown on the LCD goes off and keep the 3rd and after discussion turn the generator on and keep the 3rd device on, and in case the governmental electricity came give it the priority.
3- I want to use an Automatic/manual button, in case automatic is chosen the system does what is explained in (number 2) and in case of manual I can choose from the LCD from the devices on which one to turn it off.

I think the answer is apparent. Refrigerator current > washing machine > TV, unless you have something uncommon. Apart from this, you could get a 20*4 character display for info.

1) my main question how to control LCD for example: lcd display: ref.: 3A is washer: 2A is tv: we 1.5A I want to change it for off from lcd

2) my first step is to read current for each devices and display to lcd in way as to example

tarekza3tari: I want to change it for off from lcd

I don't understand. Your poor English is not helping. Can you use a translator? Maybe native English speaker can guess what you mean but I can't.

display at lcd make ref:3A turn on washer:2A turn on tv:1.5A turn on

i want to turn off ref. and washer from lcd

I kind of understand now. You want a menu or interface to control which appliance to turn on and off? That takes a lot of programming to do. I recommend you to use a simple approach first, one button for each appliance. If you sense the button, you turn the appliance on or off.

FYI, please post what you PM me here, more people are willing to help out if you post here, instead of sending PM.

i want to use lcd 16*2 how i do lcd menu? and how i control lcd from the pushbutton?

tarekza3tari: i want to use lcd 16*2 how i do lcd menu? and how i control lcd from the pushbutton?

You are doing a lot better this time in terms of clarity of question. I think I PMed you my answers. Let's see if you are able to use the answers. But by all means, post here, don't PM.


There is another thread here →,133086.msg1001373.html#msg1001373 ← which decodes a bit more of what he is trying to accomplish. These are bordering on cross-posting but due to the language problems it might be best to keep them both going.



Tell me how well do you program in C. If you program in C well enough, you are suggested to use this library, which is exactly written for your type of need:

If your programming skills are poor, you should go get one of these, which I AM SELLING:
You don’t need much programming at all.