Control LED Strip using MIDI (Ableton)

So, I’m looking to buy an arduino (it will be my first time using one) and i have a pretty ambitious first project in mind.
I have very little knowledge of electronics in general so I’m looking for a fair amount of guidance.

I want to control a 5 meter RGB LED strip using MIDI clips in ableton. I basically need to know the process beginning to end.

How can i connect and led strip to the arduino and then to my computer?
From there how do i go about sending midi clip information from ableton to the arduino and back to the Led strip in real time?

Is this strip individual addressable LEDs? What do you want the MIDI to actually do?

No one is going to give you step by step instructions we are not a code writing service. What we will do is give you help to learn and point you at web resources that can help you.

This project shows you how to fire solenoids from a MIDI input

For a much more comprehensive background as well as exactly the project you want in Chapter 10 see my book

So you want to control the brightness do you. Something you forgot to mention and it has a big effect on the circuit you want.

Yes it does matter if it is an individual LED or a strip. But you obviously know a lot more than me so I will wish you well with your project.

Best of luck getting some other mug to help you you ****