Control LED


I’m new to Arduino and I’d like to know if the following is possible:

I want to build a LED Matrix for a DJ booth (digital ledstrip). I want to make a couple of build-in programs. my question is whether this can be accessed through DMX.

For instance:
DMX address 1 (value 0>10) Will be off
DMX address 1 (value 11>20) Loop/show 1
DMX address 1 (value 21>30) Loop/show 2

I hope you understanding me and can help me with this :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


No idea what DMX is personally. I think you will have to provide more detailed info.

Hi Boylesg,

DMX is a protocol used for the entertainment lights.


This may help: Arduino Playground - DMX

What you’re asking is YES, This is quite straightforward with Arduino.

If you want to do it yourself, put together what you can, and take steps, asking along the way for dev/software help.

If you want someone to do it for you, ask the mods to bump this across to Gigs & Collaborations - with the subject changed to “DMX control of LED strip/sequences”