Control: Loadcell 50kg*4+Adruino+Keypad 4*4+LCD 16*2

I have project about : (4 Loadcell 50kg+HX711)+Pulse Sensor+Adruino+Keypad 44+LCD 162

Required content:

1.Set the display personal information from the KEYPAD 4*4 to LCD

2.Mesure BMI from Pulse Sensor

3.Measure Height from Loadcell

4.Display information from BMI,HEIGHT of personal to LCD

I am a newbie in ADRUINO.I dont understand anything about Arduino.Hope everyone will help me CODE ADRUINO with this project!


  • What is your “Pulse sensor”? If you don’t mean “Heart rate sensor”, what do you mean?
  • BMI calculation requires weight and height measurement. You can’t “2.Measure BMI from Pulse Sensor”.
  • “3.Measure Height from Loadcell”? I think you mean 3.Measure WEIGHT from Loadcell".
  • After you measure the Height and Weight you can calculate BMI.

What is your "Pulse sensor"? If you don't mean "Heart rate sensor" YES,that is it :slight_smile:
You can't "2.Measure BMI from Pulse Sensor". YES, I AM SORRY,I UNDERSTOOD INCORRECTLY.IT MIGHT BPM NOT BMI :confused: :confused:
I think you mean 3.Measure WEIGHT from Loadcell". YES

You just need to find examples that use the devices you have chosen. Often each device will be supported by a library and the library will include examples that show how the library is used.

First place to look for a device library is: Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...
Type: All Topic: All [DeviceModelName ]

If the Library Manager knows about the library you can click on "More Info" and "[Install]".

If the Library Manager does not find a matching library, use Google to look for:

DeviceModelname library Arduino

If you are lucky the library will be in a .zip file or in a source repository that has a "Download" button. Download the .zip file containing the library sources and then use "Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP Library..." to install.

Some libraries are in a source repository that does NOT provide a simple download method. In cases like that you may have to download each source file separately.