control matrix via phone?

Hello everyone,

for next carnival i want to my costume to have a LED matrix (ws2812b or similar).
While i have built LED strip and matrix projects in the past, i still need advice on this one.
I want to control the matrix with my phone via Bluetooth or Wifi. I found solutions to this where you can upload graphics and stuff, but i want to be able to actually "draw" in real time. (e.g. draw a heart or a smiley on my phone and display it on the matrix)

I hope anyone has an idea how this could be done.

Cheers guys

A 16 by 16 matrix? You probably need an app where you draw on 16 by 16 squares. You have to code it yourself. I don't know how to code apps for phones. But I know enough about web programming. That's why I'd create a web page, where I could draw on 16 by 16 squares using my phone. Then I'd have an ESP8266 as the microcontroller. It would use the phone wifi to reach the page, read the data from there and light the led matrix accordingly. This might sound as a stupid approach, but as I mentioned, I don't know about phone app programming, I don't have programming tools for it, I bet they cost something. My approach wouldn't cost anything, at least not the programming part.