Control mixer table via the Kinect and ArduinoMega

I have a big project who is to transform a hold mixer table to use without touching it.
The Kinect will capture the movements of the person to up volume, change audio track etc, and each movement will move some sliders.
On the mixer there are 12 sliders but not motorised so I want add a Arduino Mega and change all sliders to sliders motorised.
But I really do not know how to connect Arduino with kinect or make the connection of 12 new sliders or setting the movement control, I'm very lost!!!!!
Please Help me

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french


I don't know about this application specifically but I would be very surprised if any Ardu' could handle the amount of data generated by a kinect sensor.

IIRC, one of the major issues with hacking the Kinect was the sheer torrent of data it produces. The sensor has several separate USB devices and produces floods of data such as images and distance maps & suchlike. There is no chance in hell that your little Ardu' can read that much data far less do anything useful with it.

Of course you may have a way to filter out just the data you need and if you do then I would love to hear about it. If not, my guess would be that you should be looking at a Linux system or something rather than an Arduino. If you could read the kinect with a PC and determine where you wanted the sliders then driving motors could be handled by an Arduino. More or less anything that has a motor can be driven by an Arduino so if you find some motorised sliders then they can probably be driven, perhaps with a limit-switch for the zero-point and a rotary-encoder as feedback for how far you have moved. Interfacing with the kinect and finding the motorised sliders sound like the key issues to me.

Thanks you for your answer, I don't understand too complicated, are you a solution more simple for my projet? I have found a application to control Live wtih the kinect ( now I want just that my sliders move in the same time as my movements... plz


It's really simple to control the Arduino with the Kinect. I prefer C# to OpenNI, because you get a TON more functionality. Then write to the Serial port from the C# side, use on the Arduino side to receive incoming commands, and BAM. I will post complete project folder after I finish it.