Control motor with Arduino, feasibility ?

Hello everyone,

I would like to begin a new project but i'm not sure about the feasibility. That's why I need your help.. :slight_smile:

The first objective is to controll a motor (220V) with a simple interface (pc or mobile), using an Uno (or other if needed)..

There's already a system, the motor is linked to a Frequency variator ( Mitsubishi FR-D700-SC ). And this variator is controlled with a Akerstroms radio command system. I woul'd like to be able, without interfering with the actual system, to control my motor.

Is it the best solution to cable my Arduino to the variator or the Akerstroms receiver ? And do I have to link those things directly ? I'm a novice in that and really need your advices.. If someone could just explain the principe and feasibility of this..

Thank you for your kindness.

What is a "Frequency variator"?

How does it control the motor?

What does the motor do?

What is a "Akerstroms radio command system"?

What do you want the motor to do that it does not do now?

What is a "Frequency variator"?

How does it control the motor?

What does the motor do?

What is a "Akerstroms radio command system"?

What do you want the motor to do that it does not do now?

Excuse me for my bad english... Actually it's a Variable Frequency Drive.. Model Mitsubishi D700 SC
The motor just turn left and right. The aim is to rotate a table.

The akerstroms receiver is a radio control system. I'm able to control the motor with a radio remote control, developped by the Akerstroms company. And this received is directly connected to my Variable Frequency Drive.

I just want to keep the actual system (Akerstroms radio remote control) and to add an alternative controlling system, using the arduino and for example a pc interface.

This “motor” is a serious piece of kit! There are serious safety concerns with your idea. What if somebody is injured?

What does this “rotating table” do? I assume it is not for a Chinese banquet. How and why do you want to control it remotely?

The motor appears to have an rs485 serial interface. You can get rs485 adaptor modules for Arduino quite cheaply, and there are libraries to make their use easier. But you would need to understand the data formats that need to be sent and received to make that idea work.


If you want to control something wirelessly from a smartphone, an Uno won’t do that by itself. You would have to add wifi or Bluetooth modules to the Uno. Or you could buy something similar to Uno with wireless built in, such as an esp8266 module like the one below.


Is this the connection for your Variable Frequency Drive.. Model Mitsubishi D700 SC?

Mitsubishi D700 SC

How the Akerstroms radio command system is connected to this Variable Frequency Drive?

The datasheet shows that the inverter has a RS-485 interface called "PU". It uses a proprietary protocol they call "Mitsubishi inverter protocol", it is described on page 187. In theory, it is possible to implement this protocol for your Arduino, and connect it using some kind of TTL to RS-485 chip/shield. RS-485 seems to be used quite often as a bus for this kind of equipment, and a quick Google search for "RS485 arduino" or "TTL to RS485" yields enough results to get you started.
However, the biggest problem is probably implementing the Mitsubishi inverter protocol yourself.
I don't know if it is possible to keep the current Akerstroms system. If it doesn't use the same RS-485 connection, you are probably fine, but chances are that it uses the same connection to communicate, so adding an Arduino would cause interference with the current RF system. Normally, busses are used with multiple slaves, but I don't think having two masters on the same RS-485 bus is not possible. (Quickly looking at the design, note that I'm not an expert on RS-485)

So although it might be possible, it is going to be a huge challenge to get everything working. In my opinion, you'd be better off with a pre-built system, for example a wireless receiver with both a USB and an RS-485 connection that allows you to control it from your pc. Anyway, you'll need to find software that supports the Mitsubishi protocol, or implement it yourself.

Not really an answer to your question, but I hope this gives you some more information.


How is the existing Akerstroms radio command system connected to the VFD.

Do you have a circuit diagram of how the two are connected, is there a set of diagrams in the manual for the equipment.

Thanks... Tom... :slight_smile: