control multiple arduino outputs over wifi/bluetooth simultaneously

hi all

i am working on a project for my wedding where we are having RGB LED strips put into our clothes. i am wanting to hame them all controlled by an individual arduino on the person, that is controled my a master unit that is connected to an audio source on the mixer.

this will then generate the led colour and brightness, then transmit that to the slave units for them to display for the dancing etc...

so, computer/MP3 ---> master arduino )generating colour and brightness)--->transmits to slave arduinos (aprox 6-7)---> controls LED outputs so they all match

what would be the best way of acheiving this? i am looking to use this project and them modify it as needed to acheive the wireless result.

the arduino units will be battery powered so that's not an issue, but i will need to make one to calculate the battery capacity needed.

Cheers all


i guess somewhat exactly like this, except using an arduino to generate the values.

im not sure how to make and arduino take the generated output and transmit it to the others.

Youll need an hc 06 bluetooth module which is the slave and an hc 05 which is which will be the master