control my Arduino with a 2 button BT remote.

It seamed so easy when I started.. In my arduino I need to receive 2 button presses from a Bluetooth remote.

So.. I thought: I'll just get one of those selfie remote for cell phones. They are bluetooth, and they have 2 buttons..
Then I learned they work as a HID class bluetooth and I can find no here a BT module that works with arduino that can connect to a HID BT device..
Plenty of sites on how to build a HID device with an arduino, but none so Arduino can receive commands from one...

So... I thought: I'll just build a serial BT remote with 2 buttons, and with each push of the button the BT module sends a word by serial BT to my arduino with another BT module. That works... But even BLE modules that are sopoused to be LOW ENERGY, drain a CR2032 battery in an hour.. and I need a small battery for it to be a "remote".

So... tought: "these BT modules can also read iBeacons. Ibeacons dont need paring, so they put much less drain on the battery. Maybe I can find a 2 button ibeacon I can use as a remote!" .. and I can only find 1 button iBeacons...

Any thoughts on how I can do this?

I'm not familiar with BT module programming, but most energy is consumed when the sender is active. Try to let the BT module sleep until a button is pressed or released, and then only send a change notification. Do not send button state messages all the time.

thanks, but that is not practical in this case.
it takes too much time to wake up a BT device, and the response to a button press must be immediate.

What is you application, we my be able to suggest a better solution..

Tom.. :slight_smile: