Control of Equatorial Platform for astronomy


I am a complete newbie with no programming knowledge and am finding the various books, articles, etc, fairly confusing. Also the advancing years don't help :-((

What I want to do is to use a Uno to drive a stepper motor. in one direction I want to run at about 2 rpm and the other at about 120rpm.

ideally I would like to have three buttons. One to start it rotating at the slow speed. The second to stop the motor and the third to rotate in the reverse direction at the high speed.

Any advice and pointers appreciated


A couple of tutorials to get started:

Stepper basics.
Simple stepper code.

investigate Ephemeris library github

Ephemeris Arduino Reference

save yourself some grief:

Read "How To Use This Forum"

in particular, #7

This is what happens when you do not

check out the Project Hub for motors and servos. search for arduino robotics. search for solar trackers

Thanks for the responses. I'll have to study the detail and try to work it out.

Thanks also for the 'posting' warning. I'll read the @How to use the forum@ more closely and do my best to 'behave'

Thanks again