Control of Remote Control HELP!!!

I have a little rc car that I would like to program a certain way. What I would like to do is use the arduino to control the remote of the car. That way I don't need wifi sheild ect... I have taken apart the remote control to the car and determined what points I need to activate at certain times. Basically I am looking for some help on how to switch on/off for the forward, backward, left, and right. Then I want to write a program to make the car do a demo. I was thinking about using a jk flip flop or relay to control switching. What do you think? I do not know how to program the arduino to do what I want in this case. Usually I would find a similar application and manipulate the code to fit my need, but I can't figure it out. Everything that is similar is using a push button but I want this to be automatic. Basically I want to connect and disconnect wires at different times. Please help

One way to control the remote is with a CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switch. It acts like four digitally controlled switches. Put a switch across each 'button' and use the Arduino to turn the switches on and off.

Now we're talkin'! That sounds like exactly what I need. I will look it up and see where it gets me. Thank you for your suggestion.

I just so happen to have a 4066 in my box of toys! I gotta find some code for arduino now and I’m ready to role!

IR remote hacking from back in the day.

I gotta find some code for arduino now and I’m ready to role!

Just control each switch with an Arduino pin. Set pin HIGH for PRESSED and LOW for RELEASED. If that doesn’t work, reverse it (LOW for PRESSED and HIGH for RELEASED).

I hooked up one switch to test. It works perfect with an led. But when I hooked it up to the remote control it is always on. It does not go on/off like the led does. I have the circuit as shown in attachment. The remote has its own power source. I don’t get what I am doing wrong