Control PC using Arduino uno R3, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and Eventghost

Hello All, :slight_smile:

I need your kind help to complete my hobby project, I am not expert in writing code and all but I know enough basics.

Here is my objective - I want to open a folder or particular file in my laptop by giving a input to arduino, the laptop will receive command through Wi-Fi with help of ESP8266.

I have built a simple Capacitive sensor circuit such that, if I touch copper sheet the LED will turn on, I need that signal to transmitted over Wi-Fi to the PC to do particular task. I have came to know that Eventghost will help in such automation in windows the problem is, it needs an event to take actions. I could not found any plugins for ESP8266 or arduino.

Now I am struggling to integrate Eventghost, ESP8266 and aurdino.

Please give me suggestion.

Thank you in advance.