Control Philips Hue bulb using bluetooth

Hi all,
I am doing a sensor project for which I need to switch on/off a Philips Hue bulb using bluetooth.
I do have a Philips Hue bulb with bluetooth support. I do have a HC-05 bluetooth board connected to my board and have it working (it communicates with windows over a serial port).

I do NOT have a bridge nor do I have a wifi board. For this project it all must be simple hardwarewise.

Has anyone ever tried to use bluetooth from an Arduino to a Philips Hue bulb and is willing to share some examples on how to?

Bob Lindeman

Post a link to the product. It’s likely using a proprietary BLE protocol so no chance with an HC05

Hi, thanks, @J-M-L , bit of a bummer. Do you know another board that might help?

Bob Lindeman

I use my iPhone and HomeKit with my Philips Hue.

You can get BLE boards but I don’t think they opened their protocol. That would be the first thing to check in the documentation of Your product.