Control R/C glow plugs

Hi community,

I'm new here, hopefully this is in the right place and no double post.

My son and me a working on a remote controlled pirate-era sailing ship, and, among others, we are making remote controlled cannons. We have 16 of them.

For that, we use R/C glow plugs, 1.2-1.5 Volts, about 5 Watts. We would like to be able to fire broadsides (8 cannons) with a remote command, i.e., upon an analog Signal from the remote control Receiver (one signal per broadside), we want to fire the respective cannons in random order. I.e., the 8 respective cables leading to the cannons shall be put under power for a few seconds each.

I'm a Software dev, so writing up a program is the easy part - unfortunately I know almost nothing about electrics and electronics :-)

Is one of the arduino/genuino boards capable of doing this? Do we need relais or something? Ideally I would like to power everthing using the 6V DC battery already onboard our ship.

Help is much appreciated! :)



R/C glow plugs, 1.2-1.5 Volts, about 5 Watts

The plugs could draw more than 4 amperes, and a rather heavy duty D.C. relay or a MOSFET transistor is needed to switch that.

A 6V battery will probably burn out the plugs. You could in principle use a switching voltage regulator to efficiently reduce 6V to 1.5V, but I don't know of any on the hobby market that offer 1.5V output.

Thank you :-)

Regarding the power source, I could of course supply a 1.2V battery for the plugs (we tested our cannons successfully with one).

Regarding the 6V battery I was also thinking of powering the computer. (I saw in the specs that at least one of the boards work with 6V but may be unstable under 7V...?)

How would that work with the MOSFET, which one do I Need, how do I connect/control it (or where can I look it up :))? Which ardunio has enough I/O to control the 16 individual cannons?