Control relay via RF


I have been trying to get a relay to trigger via a 433 Mhz receiver. I am using a keyfob that I have the following data for:

Decimal: 6792738 (24Bit) Binary: 011001111010011000100010 Tri-State: not applicable PulseLength: 321 microseconds Protocol: 1

I have been looking for any similar projects online, but havent found anyone I could make work.

This is the closest I found:

I want the same function, just take out the transmitter since I use a keyfob, and also remove the buzzer thing.

I have the same relay,arduino uno and receiver.

Is there anyone out there who has made such a project they can share?

So, if you have mostly the same components, why not download the example receiver code as a starting point and the modify it to suit your needs.

Start by getting the receiver to receive from the the key fob.

When that is successful, wire up your relay and get that working so you can turn it on/off.

When that is successful, merge the the code together such that you receive a message from the key fob and react to it by turning the relay on/off.

if/when you get stuck, post your code and the problems you are having and people will help.