Control simultaneously 40 Led DIMMER with RF

Hi, i have being asked to find a way to control 40 Led dimmer simultaneously wirelessly, a little latency is not a problem.

I tried using rcswitch , an arduino and an 433.92Mhz transmitter to do that, it worked great but the latency is just horrible (I manage to tweak it to send code in 0,1 seconds but for 40 Led Dimmer is too much)

This is the led dimmer: Some photos of the circuit:

The encoder/transmitter of the remote switch are an SC2260 R4 (which is the same as an PT2260) Datasheet

I was thinking maybe , i could buy 40 pt2260 (or SC2260 anyway) and make the arduino replace the button switch for exemple, so i have 40 transmitters ? Is it an idea or just insane?

Any help would be really appreciate!

Can you open the receivers and set them all to the same address?

The latency you are seeing is largely caused by the encoder / decoder chips you are using, mainly the decoder. Its inherant in the way that they work. You will need some other method for 40.

do u need the same light an all 40 led ?