Control sound on Android phone with arduino

Hi, All -

I'm looking to trigger sounds on an old Android phone using an Arduino, but haven't been able to find much info online.

The project I'd use this for is a standalone audio sampler—I'd like to trigger drum sounds on the phone using an old Nintendo power pad connected to the Arduino. I thought about using a Sparkfun Mp3 shield or a single Waveshield to do this, but each of those can only trigger one audio file at a time, which will cut off sounds with a long decay (like cymbals) when the next sample is triggered. I guess I could technically stack a couple waveshields to have two samples play at once, but the logic there would be tricky, so I'd like to find a more elegant solution.

Does anyone know of a way to send commands via USB to an Android phone, or (even better) a method for triggering multiple sounds at once using an existing Arduino shield?


Not sure about triggering multiple sounds with one shield but if you want, you can connect to android phone with a bluetooth shield. If your phone is not too old, you can use arduino adk to connect to the phone usb.

Sounds like an interesting utility. I can think of lots of uses for it. I have not messed with sound that much. Is it just a question of sampling voltage levels with an input device such as a microphone, saving them to an array, then "playing" that sample back at the same rate it was sampled?