Control Stepper Motor with Touch Designer

Hehey beautiful community , is here someone that have some experience with Stepper motor control over arduino and Touch Designer?

I have a project next week where i need to control several motors throught Td. I already established a perfect comunication betwenn Td and Arduino throught ethernet . .

Actually this took me already a lot of time:)

Basic control movement through TD works, but i have several problems in the fine control of the stepper . The goal is to achive smooth movemts pushing sinusoide waves or stuff like that from TD..
I want to achive the same way to control movings ligths or something like this.
. I am using this TB6600 as Stpper Driver and the accStepper library .I giving

as instruction to the motor to move a certain speed to a giving position.

But the motor dosen't move smooth at all and even thought sort follow a fader with a lfo or something like that ; it has lot of problems to follow the data coming rights and often lose the right position.

Any clue what could be the right approach ??
Thank you in advance


Trying to do the same thing. Did you find a good solution?