Control Stepper Motor Without an Arduino or Microprocessor

Hey so I want to make a very simple machine, I need a constant very slow turning shaft, with high torque and direct linkage. So I would like to use a stepper motor as it fits the criteria but I don’t want to use a microprocessor because of the cost. Is there a way to prime a stepper motor and let it continue to run? Like a dc motor, you just plug it in and let it run?


Something has to create the pulses the stepper motor responds to. 555 timer & Rs & Cs to set the time for the pulses, 8-pin uC with some programming, etc.

Ok, seems like alot of trouble, Thanks!

From your description a low-geared DC motor would seem a much better fit.

What has made you think of a stepper motor? (By the way, this is a question - not a put-down)