Control synchronous buck converter using PWM

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I’m current working on a project related to solar panel, MPPT to be specific, and I’m having trouble designing a synchronous buck converter (Figure) controlled by my arduino.

This is the idea: I use Arduino as a MCU to calculate duty cycle for the switches. The signal then passed through a gate drive (used to control MOSFETs - the switches). However, as I do some research on internet, ppl say that I should use low-side buck converter with P-mosfet since it would be easier to control those switches. So I want to ask you guy for advise on designing this converter (already-tested circuits will be most appreciated).
P/s: since my voltage input and voltage output are variable, so I can’t use fixed output current (LM2825 ect). Any suggestion on variable-output buck converter IC will be appreciated as well. Further, I plan on running PWM at 15.625 kHz (10 bit PWM)

Simplest solution is to use a half bridge FET driver with 2 N channel mosfets . You need a driver because you have to implement shoot thru protection when you use 2 fets in series across a supply rail. Something like an IR2104 will do what you need.