Control temperature in a cooking pot


I'm no programmer, but I do play around with my Arduino Uno.

What I need is a way to keep a mixture at a certain temperature, e.g. 100 oder 200 degrees C. I imagine, I submerse a probe and tell the arduino to allow electricity to the pot when the value drops below, let's say, 190 degrees, and stop, when it has reached 210 degrees. I'm sure this must be a straight forward project, but I couldn't finde anything simple as that in the forum search.

Any ideas? Which components, modules etc. will I need and is there a programme around, that I can use and modify, if necessary?

Thanks a lot,

I suspect you have a language problem. If you google arduino thermostat, you will probably get about ten thousand examples and all you need do is find one that suits your needs.

Google "arduino heater control" or "arduino temperature control" for lots of examples.

Here is one that uses a relay to control an electric cooker:

Thanks a lot for the link! That's exactly what I tried to find.


Its not hard to code the business logic direct from your description:

void loop ()
  float temp = read_temperature () ;
  if (temp > 210.0)
    switch_off () ;
  if (temp < 190.0)
    switch_on () ;

Its always a great idea to write the business logic first, using clear names for everything,
then coding up all the details can happen later without cluttering the business logic with
unnecessary low level stuff.