Control the 6432 LED Dot Matrix

Hi, I´ve read the postings concerning the 2416 LED Dot Matrix in the Arduino forum. I want a bigger matrix and thought about the 6432 Dot Matrix 3mm Bicolor LED Info Board & Demo Board from: Does anybody on this list already tried to control the matrix with arduino.

And one more question: Why is the sparkfun RGB LED matrix plus backplane see: much more expensive?



The tricolor (RGB) 60mm matrix parts are a lot more expensive than the same size matrix in bicolor (RG) or monocolor (R). The blue LEDs are still new to the manufacturing cycle, and use more expensive materials, so they're generally a lot more expensive than other LEDs.

The SparkFun serial matrix backpack is very similar to madworm's new matrix board (though the matrix parts are incompatible). It has a very general-purpose microcontroller on it, rather than a dedicated mass-produced ASIC logic design. Assembled in small lots instead of large factory runs, the devices take more labor and the parts cost more to source. It's just the way it is: make one for expensive, fifty for reasonable, and five thousand for very cheap.

This might be useful, it seems to have example code (I havn't checked the code)