Control the sound with the arduino

I have two buttons connected to the Arduino. I was wondering if I could connect some kind of pic to the Arduino and change the adjustment wheel in this shield: Audio Shield So I could control the sound of the shield using the buttons. Is it posible? Is there a microcontroller maybe preprogramed to do this? Maybe with the PWM? SIMPLER IS BETTER!!

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Depend what you want to do with this wheel replacement.
Globally, in this shield, the wheel adjustment is a potentiometer (i suppose 10k because is not written in the schematics) directly connected to the analog port 5 of the Arduino, it is not connected to the VS1003 decoder.

Regarding to the code provided by the shield manufacturer, this wheel adjustment change the volume of the MP3 played by reading the analog value of analog pin 5 (of the arduino) and send the corresponding volume command to the VS1003 decoder.
So by modifing the code, you can change the function of this wheel by anything you want .. or add 2 button to modify the volume ..
The volume stuff seems to by in the file (after a very quick look) keypadprocess.cpp
See below the command sent to the VS1003 decoder to set the volume :

if (Volume!=VolumeValue)
Volume = VolumeValue;

Hope it help


Yeah it helped a lot I will look to this files and see how can I use it thanks!