Control the speed of a small servo motor and LED brightness fade over 5 minutes?

Hello everyone,
This is my first post and I thought I would just ask for some tips on buying the correct components etc

I would like to control the speed of a small servo motor and LED, from high speed/brightness to off/black precisely over five minutes. The motor will be rotating a spool that needs some torque.

I see there are a lot of tutorials for motor speed and LED fading, but I would really like some tips on what components/boards to buy and some ideas about fading light speed over five minutes.

These servos seem popular and simple connectivity too the Arduino.

Thanks in advance and please excuse my noob brain.


Slowly dimming an LED - you are going to decriment the value you are sending to a PWM output. Figure out the number of steps and delay between steps. Look at the BlinkWithoutDelay in the Examples\Digital folder.

That servo looks to be a standard servo - it has approx 180 degrees of rotation. Are you thinking of a continuous rotation servo? You might want to look into DC Motor control or Stepper Motor control, depending on torque & speed. DC Motor control uses PWM, Stepper motor control typically requires 4 digital outputs.

Pretty much any LED and a current-limiting resistor are all you need for LED components. Here's a link:

You'll probably want to use a pin that can do pulse-width modulation (PWM) to dim the LED - there are 255 steps to choose from, so you could either increment by 1 every 1176 ms (approx) or go from 0 to 249 every 1200 ms and then go straight to 255 for full brightness.

Motors would be similar - but I have no recommendations for hardware for motors; never used 'em.

Thanks for the tips!!
I'll get back after I have done some experiments.