Control three 3 phase stepper motors with arduino?

I want to make a CNC,

For that I need three stepper motors. I found these: It are 3 phase stepper motors. Do you control these the same way as a BLDC ???

If so, I would need 6 wires from the arduino to some transistors that power the motor for each motor. That are 18 wires, and my Uno has only 14 so...

Any suggestions?

and my Uno has only 14 so...

No, your Uno has 14 digital only I/O pins and 6 analog input pins that can also be used as digital I/O pins, so 20 total.


Allright that problem is solved, and now the motor itself. How to control it?

Wow! I've never heard of 3 phase steppers. You're going to have a difficult time finding an appropriate driver for those. If it were me I would find some bipolar steppers which are driven by affordable and easily obtained drivers.

I already succeeded in controlling a BLDC with arduino and 6 transistors. So I know how 3 phase works.

But the question is: What is the difference between controlling a BLDC and a 3 phase stepper? They both have 3 bipolar coils...

It's worth to try though, the motors are very cheap :)