Control traction of motor using Arduino nano

Hello Guys!

I'm trying to make a project that consists in a traction controller of a brushless electric motor. My circuit is constituted by one Wheathstone bridge of strain gauges placed in the support of my brushless motor (of an airplane model), that is conected to an HX-711 load cell amplifier. Besides, I intend to use an ESC - speed control and a radio to perform the traction control.

Anyone here already developed a system like this and can give tips on how to do it?

Thank you very much!

I have no experience with such a project in detail, but some general hints:

Check the motor mounting manually. Twisting the motor left or right must give a reasonable signal.

I don’t know how the chip behaves with e.g. out-of-balance or other vibrations. The sensor behaviour can be influenced by soft or strong bearing.