control vaio dc brushless motor

Hi guys (newbie here pleeease have patience) So the story is this: I have a Sony Vaio laptop witch is wayyy overheating.I've tried everything , cleaning it , changing thermal paste, cooling base, downclocking cpu-gpu ...literary everything So the only way seems to be to control manually the fan-cooler. It is not possible to do it through software (i 've been trying for months trust me... ) so it seems the only way is manually . The fan is a dc brushless motor the udqfrpr62cf0 ( ) Its a 3 pin dc brushless motor @ 5V , so i thought my trusty arduino... with maybe a circuit with a potentiometer Please any help? :D

It's a known problem with this model. Th e gpu turns very hot but the cpu not... so the fan turns only when the temperature gets very high and when is does that cools down almost instantly. This behaviour of the fan is a result of the complains because it was very loud... How can i wire it to run full blast??? This is what i want..

maybe i wasn't clear... its a Pulse-width modulation (PWM) fan

You can get laptop cooling fans like below very inexpensivly that might be an easier solution. Also pay attention to the cpu useage in task manager to look for programs that try to needlessly try to run all the time. My laptop started over heating and wanting to shutdown. Cleaning and such did not fix the problem. I did some searching as to what programs were running and deleted some of suspect programs and that eliminated the problem. You can select kill running programs using task manager to see if you can find a culprit (kill the ones running under your user account first, as killing programs being used by the system can result in unusual behavior). If this isn't effective, you might try a clean os install and start fresh.,0,0&Action=13&DisplayedProducts=48

@ zoomkat ... I run on linux... and i tried cooling bases...also the problem is not my programs is the fan... Please guys.. come on.. read the first post...

Please guys.. come on.. read the first post...

I read the first post and didn't see anything mentioning linux. Did the Vaio come with linux installed? I think there may be more going on with brushless motors than simple PWM output control.

Hi, A simple solution would be to use a cheap brushless reg, like this

and a servotester to control the rpm

This way you still have your Arduino for experiments (who can do without)

reg ernst

I suspect the fan is just like all other 3-pin computer fans, you just need to connect its +ve wire (red) to +5 permanently rather than modulate it. Are you able to confirm the pinout by measuring voltages while its running? I'd imagine its a bit cramped to get to.