Control velocity 24V 4A DC Motor


I need help to control the velocity for a 42V 4A DC Motor, I have a 42Vac input and i need to control the output voltage for the motor(0-42V), can somebody help with a circuit to do this?




Yes I have an 110V to 42V I'm Thinking in use a Diode rectifier Bridge ana a pwm or a semicontroled Bridge, to Regulate my voltage.

If the motor is to run in both directions, you will need a suitable motor controller. Pololu has a good selection, but 42 V is pretty high for a hobby project. You may need an industrial controller.

You don't control the voltage, you control the duty-cycle of PWM.

When you say 4A motor you don't tell us which motor, nor whether the 4A refers to nominal load or stall current - can you give full information on the motor please?

I just noticed that the title has "24V" but the post has "42V".

Bet he has a 120V / 48V xfmr, on 110V that will be around 44V out.

I don't have a lot of info about this motor, I now it have a 42V(sorry about the title) input and it works in about 210RPM, with a peak of 4A, I have a 42V Alternate current avalible and I need to control the speed through a potentiometer, I will control the speed altering the duty cycle.

My problem is, I need that my program to verify the voltage output (because the input may oscilate), a circuit to read this voltage and another to control

Thanks Again

We still need the stall current - you can measure this if you have a multimeter as its determined by the resistance of the windings.

Stall current 6.5A aprox

This one seems plausible - 44V max, 9A

Confusion abounds as to weather the motor is 24dc or 44vac. Which is it?

There is no confusion, the motor is 42VDC.

The issue is generating 42VDC from the 42VAC available. Thinking some more this is tricky as 42VAC naturally produces 60--70VDC when rectified/smoothed, and there isn't an obviously choice for motor driver then...