Control Voltage Output

I have two small RC motor that runs on 3V. I find that the motors are running much faster then I need it to. The guy at the store told me that I can slow down the motor by pumping in less voltage. I am wondering if I can use Arduino to control the amount of voltage I send to my motors? Will running each motor at 1V slow it down, and is this possible with Arduino?

I assume that the motors are DC motors, not servos - right ?

If that is the case you can use a PWM pin on Arduino to control the motor. You just need to put “something” in between Arduino and the motor, because Arduino can not source enough current to drive the motor. You probably also need an external powersupply.

Just google “Arduino DC motor” or “Arduino TIP120”, that should give you all the information you need.

If you need to control both speed and direction, google “Arduino H bridge”

thank you MikMo