Control-Voltage to MIDI conversion for sample-map control

This will be my very first post on the Arduino forum, so please forgive any ignorance or inexperience.

I am in the midst of a somewhat urgent project, the ultimate goal of which is to find a way to take a control voltage from an input transducer (piezo pickup, microphone, pressure sensor) and translate the information into MIDI data that can communicate with a sampler or another playback device. I am interested in variable-state, performer-motivated sound playback for live performance, allowing a performer to interact with sound as an extension of the performance (specifically theater, dance, or some sort of experimental performance - not specifically music). For example, a microphone is set up as an input source, run through a preamplifier into an analog input on the Arduino, converted to MIDI data broken up into velocity zones (particular voltage ranges register as particular MIDI velocity ranges), and sent to a sampler to trigger a custom sample map - likely one note for one input source, with the variable being velocity.

Is what I'm trying to do feasible? I'm a fairly quick study, and have been picking up the Arduino interface without much difficulty, but I have a feeling this is quite a bit more complex than I had initially anticipated.

Any available resources?

Any experience?

Any scripts written?

Thanks in advance, advice is much appreciated.

I can suggest some hardware though real sensor data can be quite challenging to deal with and a fair amount of experimentation and tweaking will be required:

The Arduino Drum Machine: MIDI development system with 14-track MIDI drum machine sequencer / groove-box software

Thanks! I’ll check it out!