Control Voltmeter with Arduino


A noobish question here... I would like to build something like this:

But the problem is that I cannot find anywhere good looking 0-5V Voltmeter... Although there are nice ones with 8-16V range. Is it possible somehow to control it with Arduino Duemilanove as well? Or do I need exactly 0-5V with fits to what Arduino board can give out?

Would be very thankful if someone could clarify this to me!

0-50MV DIAGONAL MOUNT METER ... You could probably drive that meter directly from an Arduino PWM output pin (maybe with a series resistor).

Maybe with some serious voltage step-up ;D

Maybe with some serious voltage step-up

So what would be the easiest way (what to use) to build such kind of meter? As I will be making scale-sheet myself I don't really care much what to use as far as it is not too complicated/expensive to build :)

The guy put circuit diagrams on his blog

Maybe with some serious voltage step-up

Was a joke!

Richard typed 0-50MV which is 50 Mega Volts or 50,000,000 volts. Of course he meant to say 50mV or mil volts 0.050 volts.

You don't need any circuit to do what you are doing apart from a resistor.