control wii with aduino? aduino noob

hi new here, but have a project in mind but need advice if plausible.
i know a lot people use wii nun chuck or wii classic controller to control aduino,
but i wish to do opposite.
set up would be a a neurosky bci (aduino capable has instructions and sample code on there site),
for those not familiar with bci basically a eeg based controller.
aduino would receive commands from bci, then give commands thru jack of a wii remote, in turn simulating a wii nun chuck,
or clasic controller, controller probaly not feasible with neurosky only being single sensor bci.
so question be any one been able to use aduino to simulate either controller, or would i need to solder to a nun chuck or clasiccontroller and just have
aduino activate switch contacts already on controller board?
any advice or links be helpful.

No one have idea if this would work?