Control your Arduino with a mouse: the new device druid


I've just release the beta version of the latest device druid--a suite to program and control your Arduino using a GUI--and am hoping some might give it a spin and provide some feedback.

For this beta release, it's connected via the USB serial only, but network and bluetooth support is on their way too.

The builder lets you generate sketches. It's online at:
and should be pretty intuitive (hopefully).

The druid client lets you actually interact with the Arduino. You can get that at:

Try it out and get back to me with bugs, suggestions, comments. Thanks!

Oh and this might be helpful:

A quick video demo of the new druid


How exciting! I was just looking at your last posts from 1.5 years ago and considering trying druid for a project, but I was worried it had been abandoned. Glad to see you're still developing it!

Cool! Forlorn for a while, yeah, but not abandoned. I wanted to make it cool, and the feature list in my mind just kept growing, so it took a while.

I've updated the instructions this morning, for Linux, so there are now two OSes supported for the beta.

Please do let me know how it goes and any issues you encounter or things you'd like to see added to that ever-expanding feature list.