Controler hang up then Error:avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not respondin


I have a problem with programming my arduino nano. The error message is following: "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

The point is that it worked before. I uploaded code several times. Then the controller crashed (did stop executing the code) and now i get this error when i want to upload new code. The avr still seems ok, does the inital blinking when it is powered and i checked the cabel as well. My guess is that the bootloader is broken? Any other experiences with this or how i could try to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

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i had the same issue with uno, i dont have a nano, but heres how i fixed. i changed the reset resistors back and forth from 10k to 1k, only changing them out when it stopped working, restart the software worked once or twice, finally had to re-burn bootloader, but that wouldnt work either until i bent the pins slightly out a lil bit. its black magic im tellin ya. i checked the registers prior to burning bootloader and there were alot of errors. after burn im running fine.

Hello grendle, thanks for the quick answer. ill try first to use the reset button while programming it before changing some resistors. changing the pullup should just change the effect if, for some reason, there is a high resistance in the pulldown signal from the isp programmer ? this seems to really be kind of strange.

i was using a breadboard, i ended up bending my atmega328p pins a bit out, now it works good. let me know if you find a solution for the nano. someone recommended installing a separate arduino environment just for uploading sketches, i forgot where is seen it (its on this forum) but a lot off ppl said that worked for them. im sorry i couldnt have been more help.

Seems odd that the bootloader could be corrupted just by an Arduino crash, if you haven't deliberately tried to burn another bootloader or change the fuses. If you haven't already rebooted the PC since the problem started I suggest you give that a try just in case the USB drivers have got in a muddle. Also double and treble check that you have selected the correct serial port and board type. To confirm you have the correct serial port you can unplug the Arduino, display the list of ports in tools/serial port and then plug the Arduino back in and see a new entry listed next time you display tools/serial ports.

Its definetly a problem with the arduino nano, i have several nanos and also other arduinos, there is no problem with those, so its not the cable or the rs232 port. The sketch i was uploading did not change the fuse bits and i did not burn anything over the bootloader. (just some trivial sketch) On another nano i could upload the same sketch without bricking it. The guess with the corrupted bootloader is since i hade a similar problem wih a atmega32 on a breadboard where flashing a new bootloader solved the problem. Just wanted to know if there might be some other known error sources.