Controling 2 WS2812(B) with 1 uno

Hello all,

Ive been reading around to see if i can control 2 led stips of 5m (300leds so in total 600 leds) with a Uno.

I know i need a external powersupply because the Ardruino cant power the leds.
My idea is to have a external powersupply of 5v 30a to power the Ledstrips and the ardruino also.

Can i control the ledstrips with 1 Uno ai have the data going from 1 strip to the other or do i need to uno`s to control the strips ?

Sorry for the bad writen english :smiley:


You can't use one Uno due to memory limitations of the Uno; just compile one of the example sketches with the number of leds set to 600. You're better of using a Mega.

You will also need to power the strip every meter. And if you want full 'white' on all leds, 30A is not going to do it.

So is netter to run of wit a mega or 2 uno?
And how do you know if 30a will not power it ?

With 2x Uno, each one will drive one strip. You might have a problem synchronising the light pattern between the two. You might also have to write two different softwares.

A Mega has 8k RAM which is 2x the amount of 2 Unos. I did a project with 7 strips (each 60 leds) and opted for a Mega.

Full 'white' requires 60mA per pixel. Multiply by 600 and you have 36A. I used 2 power supplies, each 5V / 20A. 4 strips on one supply and 3 strips on the other. The power supplies got warm (42 degrees Celsius) in open air (ambient was around 27 degrees) when using full 'white' on all pixels.

Thanks for all the info.

There is one advantage in using multiple Arduinos. The more LEDS, the slower the update will become. If you manage to get the sync between multiple Arduinos right, you will be able to update faster.