Controling 20+ servos wirelessly

My project requires the control of 20+ servos via some sort of wireless network throughout my building. I have been looking into xbee, 2.4ghz transmitter/receivers, Bluetooth, etc. but with my limited knowledge/background, I could use some guidance!

I was thinking I would end up having 1 transmitter and 20 receivers each with their own ID and I would then just broadcast a simple string to control each device like 01:180-02:180-03:90.

I have been spinning my wheels trying to find a good jumping off point, and really would love for somebody to say, "do will work"

Thank you in advance with any ideas/help you have!!!

ESP8266 and the building's wifi, maybe? Though, last I heard the ESP8266 was still kinda rough around the edges. That'd practically guarantee that they could communicate, assuming you got the ESP8266 to work. Of course, you could always use a better wifi board, but at 20 boards, that'd get expensive fast.

If WiFi isn't an option, the real challenge will be finding a radio system that actually works at the range you require. There are a whole bunch of different possibilities. 433mhz is not going to meet your needs, though.

Not sure on the NRF24's, but I'm not optimistic.

There are a bunch of ones that use frequencies around 900mhz, and advertise longer range transmission; I've not tested any of these, though.

How much $$$ do you for your project?

I would like to spend less than $750, but if you think there is a solid solution I would like to hear it!
If the servos were in one room, and there was only 1 transmiter and the rest were receivers, what do you think the % transitions would error in receiving the signal?

I'd look at series 2 Xbee so you can build a mesh network. Depending on your building construction, even that might be problematic although you could add routing nodes to help with connectivity.

They're not cheap though and then you need a micro controller and power supply for each servo. I suspect you could do it for under $750 but not by much.