Controling a pic with Hydrogen Shield

hi everyone

i need to ask something about this hydrogen shield,
can i operate it standalone on pic control,

i want to control a little car working with pic over wifi,
maybe with java interface
is there any possiblity to make pic & wifi serial communication?
i am researching a wifi modulle but i dont have enough information about them

here is the shield

I'm open to any suggestions

thanks in advance

if you want to use a pic, you are in the wrong forum.
BTW you have to find a pic library for the shield or write it by yourself.

using an arduino it is easy as pie, just join the network using a fixed IP, and start a TCP server that you can use in a way very similar to serial.
Then on the PC side make a java program that use Socket class to stabilize a connection with the arduino-server and send command.