controling actuators with arduino

hello everyone,
I am doing a project for school and creating a flight simulator
I have 4 actuators I want to connect to arduino. I am new to this and don't have much knowledge so I can use any help I can get.
the actuators are mounted on a board and I have a 24V-20A DC power supply.
I want to be able to connect them so when I move the joystick right or left the actuators would respond.
can anyone explain to me what kind of arduino do I need and how would I connect them?
do I need anything else?
the joystick should be analog or digital?

thank you

It would help if you let us know what actuators you have. In general electrically
they are just motors, possibly with some limit switches, but the details always matter.

For joysticks analog is OK, if digital then it matters what digital interface,
USB for instance is complex and can't be handled with an Uno or Mega.

Assuming as Mark said your actuators are just motors, they can be handled in a number of different ways: here is how to do it with a discrete transistor fir instance, while this is an example of using a chip to provide for direction and speed control.

Analog joysticks are simply 2x poteniometers at right-angles, so have a look at this.

the actuators that I have are
warner linear

heres a link

the link I posted was k2g10 but the one I have is k2g05

It's not clear how that thing is controlled, but it looks like there are just 2x wires in, not sure from the photo. If that's true, then it's just a motor that you need to be able to reverse, so the chip example I gave might give you a starting point.

the link I posted was k2g10 but the one I have is k2g05

Well do you have data for the one you actually have? [actually I found it here I think)

The one already linked is about 70W or more mechanical load and specifies 300W
or so electrical input. You'd need a powerful motor controller (MOSFET H-bridge)
like some of the Pololu ones.

If the device doesn't have built-in limit switches you'll need to add them, this kind
of power actuator is strong enough to do damage to itself.

The below has some info on the warner actuators that might be useful. As to the simulation part, you need to understand the control response of your aircraft to decide how you would use the pots in a typical joystick and the code needed.