Controling Devices With Arduino Using RTC Times

Hello all!

Winter is coming so is my everlasting problem, electricity bill. But i think i have idea how i can fix a problem by building a device that will read real life times and switch on during specific times of the day, why? well we have cheap and normal electricity cheap is on late at nights 1AM to 7AM and it costs 1.8Din while during normal hours its 5.6Din.

from materials i have Arduino Uno Rev3, DS1307 RTC, 32.768kHz quartz, MOC3021 opto triac, BTA06 triac, 3v battery, 3 phase 4.5kW contactor, Passive components.

what im trying to do is read RTC with Arduino then check against set time if true turn on MOC3021 which will turn on BTA06 which will drive AC coil of the contactor and thermostat will be used to control Live end of the coil/BTA06 side.

now here is my real problem i cant code any of the above and i need extreme help if anyone is willing to help would be great.

Thanks in advance have a nice day.

i cant code any of the above

There is a DS1307 library with example sketches. If statements are pretty simple (if(now.hour >= 1 && now.hour <= 7)). Turning a pin on or off (digitalWrite(somePin, someState)) is pretty simple.

What have you tried?

Have a look at draythomp's blog

He's right into saving power using Arduinos etc.