Controling LCD buttons with arduino

I've got a LCD for my CarPC project and I want to make automatic switching between RCA (reverse camera) and HDMI input (Raspberry Pi).

I am thinking of controlling input micro switch with Arduino, but I don't know how.

You need to make 3 clicks on input button to go to RCA and or HDMI input.

LCD datasheet:

Can it be done? :confused:

Is it as simple as connecting a transistor in parallel with microswitch and coding arduino so the transistor "clicks" 3 times?

PS: I hope I choose a right subforum...

Yep, no problem in doing that.

The best and most safe way would be to use an opto-isolator (optocoupler) which exposes the C-E pins of a photo transistor and an infrared LED shining at it. This way your Arduino can "press" the button without interfering with ground potentials etc.

Remember to put a series resistor on the LED-side of the opto (like any other LED)

// Per.

Thank you for reply!

I will try that.