controling motors

i have 4 dc 12 volt motor with 1.2A current can i control these 4motor with Adafruit motor shield?

Link? Which Adafruit motor shield? I think they've had at least two versions.

Three times crossposted :

I want a temperature sensor that keys-in between 130 F. and 180 F.

I would like a Low and High Limit relay (ie 12 v.d.c.) to fire. [2-relays]

Really important need is: RATE of CHANGE (Temperature), where I set a limit, such as +0.25 degrees F per Minute, or - 0.4 degrees F per minute. Can I program/ to give me [ (2) two more relays].

I am not a programmer, but have done a little several years ago.
I would also like to watch Temperature as a data logger from cell phone, but this is not a necessity.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Middlefield, CT.