Controling over internet

Hello all,
I’ve got an Arduino and I want to get an Ethernet shield. I’d like to do some pretty simple controlling of the Arduino over the Internet where I may be at work, and could pull up a browser and turn something on or off. I could do this either by directly communicating with the Arduino which I would think may have some firewall issues, or I do have a domain where I can place some code to have a page that the arduino reads. Then I could look at the page where every and make a Form selection…or something.
I’ve looked around for some tutorials but really am not finding much. I’ve seen one guy who appeared to be using something called python…I’m not sure, details were a little vague. If anyone has seen any good tutorials and could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance

well, i can't really completely help you, but here is what i stumbled upon python. it is a programing language;

and here is how arduino works with it: ( i found this on the software interface page in the playground )

hope this helps atleast with python

good luck! Perhaps do a write up of how to achieve this for noobs as i would LOVE to try the whole internet shield, and making a website to control an arduino, but sadly, i do not know where to begin...

There is a fair amount of info on the ethernet shield and operating it with the Arduino scattered about the forum. Do some searching to see what you find. Apparently there is an ethernet library that can be added to the Arduino programming that allows the Arduino to communicate with the shield. The easiest setup might to use the http protocol and send info to the Arduino via an http "get" request.