controling two ampflow A28-400

I'm building a combat robot of 120 lbs. I'm using two Ampflow A28-150 for my weapon. Which motor controller is best suitable as the peak current per channel is 340 amps. please suggest me a motor controller. Will it be ok if i use dc contactors instead of controllers. Please give a comparison between the two and which would be more efficient.

You haven't explained what the motors are driving - contactor for such large currents is likely to be very harsh mechanically indeed, PWM is likely needed.

You need a very high current controller for these motors, 100A continuous rating I suspect. Note that motor is not able to handle continuous duty at those power levels.

The motors are driving a 22kg snaildrum. During the initial rotations of the drum; according to my calculations , each motors will take a peak current of around 250amps. The peack currrent may exceed this value while hitting the opponent. I had thought of using sabertooth 2*60 but it allows only a peak current of 150 amps. can u suggest a suitable replacement??

And what current can your batteries deliver?

like 400amps peak