controll of bot using rf

hi am doing a project in which i ve to send the data such as 'll' or 'rr' from matlab to arduino and using rf transmitter it has to be transmitted .
in the rf receiver it has to receive the signal and to arduino where a program to control 4 motors to turn left or right has to written.
can any one help with this?

You need to describe your requirements in more detail. How about 6 to 8 paragraphs - don't skimp on the typing.

In particular you are not clear about where in the chain of events the rf link exists - what is the rf transmitter connected to and what is the receiver connected to.

What are the motors connected to? What sort of motors?


How do you plan to send the data from Matlab to the arduino ?

I have the same problem. Basically, I have some image processing data from a camera processed via Matlab. Now I have to guide my bot ( ie motors) on the basis of that data, but I want to do it wirelessly. I will send(using USB) the commands from matlab to an arduino which has RF transmitter on it, which will inturn send signals to the arduino on the bot. But the problem is how to initiate serial communication between arduinos via matlab.

I have the same answer. See Reply #1